Abestos Laboratory

We offer a variety of high quality abestos testing, including PCM Fiber Count, PLM Bulk, PLM 400 Point Count, PLM 1000 Point Count, TEM AHERA AIR, and TEM Bulk.

Mold Analysis

We are able to test non-viable molds by several different means. Biocassette - with the exact number of spores and the type in the sample. Slide, Surface Tape, Surface Swab, and Bulk Samples - an average of high/medium/low of the type of mold spores in the sample.

Lead Testing

Lead has many different forms which we offer testing on: Air, Paint, Soil, Wipe, TCLP (Pb), Waste Water, and Drinking Water (Pb). We also fffer testing on other metals by TCLP RCRa8, CAM17, Welding Fume, and Toxic Metal Profile.